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Interpretation of the SMC composite sheet with what kinds of basic types

by:DLAA      2020-07-08
SMC sheet is the abbreviation of SheetMoldingCompound, its material is glass fiber enhanced unsaturated polyester resin material. With three dimensional network structure, the multi-function packing, the characteristics of the special fiber reinforced. Good electrical insulation performance and excellent resistance to medium; High flame retardant; Good thermal protective performance; Good mechanical strength; Weather resistance is strong. The basic types of SMC sheet are: 1, SMC - R: for random fiber sheet molding compound. Generally in 5 cm below, glass fiber length distribution in the resin is random. R after the figures show that the glass fiber content, such as SMC - R50 said glass fiber content is 50%. 2、SMC- C: for continuous glass fiber sheet molding compound. Plastic reinforced material is; Continuous glass fiber, and arranged in a certain direction. On the direction of the plastic fiber molding less liquidity, and high mechanical strength. 3、SMC- D: for directional glass fiber sheet molding compound. Plastic reinforced material is more than 10 cm in length of the continuation of the glass fiber along configuration. Because the fiber is not continuous, along the fibre arrangement direction of molding to improve liquidity.
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