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Interpretation of the late correction and mold cleaning of BMC material products

by:DLAA      2020-07-08
After using BMC material to complete the processing into finished products, we often need to be fixed in the late processing. The so-called late correction is mainly includes the forming process of the late fixes a few problems, make it look more not only beautiful, but also can ensure its use effect. Common problems including the BMC material after forming, its shrinkage rate is too small or slight warping, and so on and so forth. For this kind of problem, we can put in oven to eliminate it. In addition to these problems, there is a problem more common, that is flash. Flash problem not only causes its thickness is too big, look not beautiful, also causes the waste material, we can use some tools for processing. Usually, different products in the use of BMC materials, we need to use to a different mold. And after the end of the production work, we need to mold to clean up in time. This is because if it is not clear in time, then the next process will be affected. In fact, for the mould cleaning mainly includes is to remove some of the debris, flash sundry etc. In addition to the basic content of the above, we also need to those who have entered into the cavity of the combining site clearance thoroughly remove debris, to prevent the next has a harmful effect on the quality of processed products. In cleaning up BMC material mould, we can use the method of compressed air, or is the use of brush and tools for processing, such as copper in order to prevent the damage of the cavity surface. In short, whether it is a late correction to the BMC material products or for mold clean-up, belong to a relatively trivial work. So, everyone should keep careful and patience in the process of work, otherwise, if processing is not perfect, will also affect the use effect of late.
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