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Interpretation of the car maintenance of tire for what?

by:DLAA      2020-07-06
Car tyres are 'age', even if a new tires, storage time more than four years will be aging, because is the main material of tire rubber, and the characteristics of the rubber is used for a long time or place will be aging, if you use the aging influence the properties of vehicle tire light, or life-threatening blowout accident. To identify the production date of the tire is very simple, can be found in tire near the hub of a string of four Numbers, said the first two weeks production, after two year of production. When choosing if main replacement tires, car must see clearly the date of production. In addition, the owners when upgrade tire, don't be blind, otherwise it will cause potential safety hazard. After determine the tire size, choose the same pattern of tyre, to ensure safety after the upgrade. If tyre abrasion degree, structure and specifications, not only affect the service life of tires, more important is do not match the brake resistance will cause the car, car speeding need brakes, different four-wheel uneven, the resistance of the tire easily cause traffic accidents caused by vehicles is out of control. It is important to note that updates the tyre, the 0 is a four tire replacement at the same time. If you can't change at the same time, keep around at least two tires are consistent, so it can avoid the brakes with the left and right sides tire friction caused by different side.
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