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Interpretation of the auto selection of heavy truck chassis parts

by:DLAA      2020-07-06
Heavy-duty truck tire maintenance: in cold region, because of the low temperature, the rubber of the tyre brittleness greaten, elastic, vehicle after overnight or for a long time to drive should start slowly lift the clutch pedal to a smooth start, head of a few kilometers to lower speed, to forklift tire temperature rise again after moving. Truck tyres if the car on the ice to lay up a period of time, grounding area may be frozen, start take care all the more, to prevent the tread is torn. Vehicle standing outside in a cold region for a long time, in order to prevent truck tires and frozen ground, should be under the tires mat board or sand. Said: select heavy-duty truck tire manufacturers forklift solid tire main should satisfy selected to ensure that work load, under the condition of load to allow speed and under normal working condition of the use of low rolling resistance and good tractional, long life and other requirements. At the same time, the choice of truck tire tread pattern is also very important, its role is to transfer engineering mechanical traction and braking force.
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