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Interpretation of automobile sheet metal spray paint

by:DLAA      2020-07-06
Sheet metal spray paint is a kind of auto correction technology, some modification is the car metal shell deformation. Hit by a car body shell is a hole, for example, can be through the sheet metal to recover the same, and then through the special spray paint, metal surface vehicles on the deformation of the recovered to the original same, shining first. Automotive sheet metal spray paint basic flow generally divided into four steps: a, sheet metal proofreading proofreading is for the automotive sheet metal sheet metal spray paint preparing plastic work. It is well known that distort deformation body how can foil the gloss paint? It namely restore a deformation of the parts, including body shell, chassis girders. Sheet metal proofreading is now by the original 'hit a welding repair' developed into secondary production car body assembly. Maintenance personnel need to understand the technical parameters of body size and shape, more to master the body material properties, the characteristics of stress transfer body deformation trend and stress points, and the production technology of car body. Such as welding technology and so on. In the master the knowledge, on the basis of maintenance personnel and with the aid of advanced measurement tools, through accurate body three-dimensional measurement, to determine the damage to the body directly of indirectly deformation condition, to develop a complete body modification, with accurate body modification plan, will recover body all the key points to the original location. Second, blowing ash styling car body after sheet metal proofreading and some cannot make up for shortcomings, even change the new parts have not perfect place, in order to be more precise, perfect sculpture technology techniques must be used to cover such shortcomings, the car damaged after deformation and other reasons, the pingdu, wheel Angle and line, every parts need to fill out what scrape the ash. In this formula can explain: blowing ash = rehabilitation body skin product = = mould machining process. Car any body skin is composed of stamping mould, fixed body skin with fixed mold is the same, so we're shaping technology for blowing ash and sheet metal mold processing and coherent rise. Many dry years of painter will sigh sentence 'how to spray a car easy, prepare a grey difficult, ten years of hard grind a cloud of ash' said this person may really know what call car painting. Three, automotive sheet metal spray paint sheet metal spray paint general points three processes: ( 1) Head primer: fill the workpiece at the bottom of the sand marks and microporous, increase the lower coating adhesion, has its drawbacks as well as instructions. ( 2) Primer: in some very important coating, prepare for paint a complete smooth face, end all primer work the last procedure of the increase in layer adhesion and have a certain isolation effect, to ensure the quality stability of the paint. ( 3) Paint: paint is divided into single layer and multilayer, is the determination of color layer and decorative layer, single-player we known as plain coloured lacquer, also known as ordinary paint, can be finished. Layers of paint and component series silver paint and pearl paint series, double and multilayer coatings construction process, the silver powder paint is made from a special aluminum materials through research, has the high stability and strong protective and outdoor significant sex, pearl paint series is made up of mica sheet and shell data through high-tech extract, is the senior paint colorful adornment sex is extremely strong. Spray paint some of the high quality requirements, to do cleaning, plump, bright, do not hang, do not hang, uniform luster, no leakage, no games, good leveling, not to bite, not impetuous, not partial color, do all aspects of this position, is not easy, need walkthrough to technicians of rich experience and malfunction. 4, sheet metal spray paint processing actually spraying more satisfactory paint is not very perfect, always leave a flaw, that is the late remedy, such as Benz, BMW's loading paint will have a slight fine designed in phenomenon, we known as 'orange peel phenomenon'. 'Orange peel' is a film on the flow in the process of flat dry jet lag produced by natural phenomena, of course, the average person is difficult to detect and need expert recognition level to find it, thus to paint processing, we referred to as the 'mirror'. With 1500 - first 2000 sandpaper grind, leveling when it is necessary to use 2500, and then use pumice or clay composition of crude wax cut grinding, get rid of sand paper traces. The next step for grinding with fine cut wax ( Excluding silicon) , get rid of coarse wax traces, and then use processing of reductant, full luster to arrive, then wipe thoroughly with mirror surface treatment to remove the aura and mark, to reach the deepest burnish, then paint the last procedure is the closure glaze, so that you can reach the fulfillment of the expert paint effect.
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