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Installing guard will have noise

by:DLAA      2020-07-18
Engine protection plate is designed according to different models of engine block mud protector. We all know that ordinary car chassis is lower, on the road to uplift the ground, the engine is vulnerable to collision and damage, the dirt of the ground mortar, stone goes into the engine, make the wear and tear each other engine parts is aggravating, and with the annoying noise. After installed the engine protection plate, sand, gravel, and the rain is blocked outside the engine to protect the door, can well protect the engine. But there are owners worry there will be noise after installed the engine protection plate, influence the driving conditions. Actually engine protection plate as long as the installation is no noise, generally appear noise is caused by the following reasons: first, the selected engine protection plate does not accord with models, joint degree is not high. Second: not to tighten the screw, noise can have fixed is bad. In addition if the installation does not pass, the exhaust pipe vibrates too close together easily produce noise. So install engine protection plate to best professional manufacturer of engine protection plate of choose and buy. In the end, is to install the engine protection plate without damping rubber gasket. After actually engine protection plate installed correctly, not only does not produce noise, and at high speed, can effectively reduce wind resistance, unpleasant wind noise, tire noise isolation, driving more quiet and smooth. Danyang sing tao auto parts co. , LTD. Is a plate lined with leaves, guard board, fog lamps, when the China open, bumper, kettle, to cover products such as professional production and processing factories, has a complete and scientific quality management system, products have been exported to dozens of countries.
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