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Improve Your Driving Visibility With HID Headlights

by:DLAA      2020-04-22
When it comes to driving there are a few main causes of diminished visibility: dark of night, rain and fog. Since life doesn't come to a stop when it is dark or there is bad weather, we still need to get places regardless of whether visibility is optimum for driving or not. The good news is that there are some steps that you can take to ensure that when your visibility is the best that it can be when you have somewhere to be. HID headlights have been around for over 20 years now but are not standard or even available as an option on most cars. Thankfully there are aftermarket parts that are available to that allow one to replace their underpowered halogen headlights with brighter and more powerful HID units. These upgrades are often an easy do it yourself kit that most anyone can install in an afternoon. The biggest advantage of buying a kit is that everything that you will need to finish the job is included; much easier than finding and ensuring compatibility of the major components. You see, a HID setup is comprised of four main parts that make things work: HID bulbs, ballasts, ignitors and the wiring harness. The installation is often plug and play, you connect the wiring harness to your existing headlight wiring system and then find a secure location to mount the ballast and ignitor and then install the bulbs as you would the standard halogen pieces that you are replacing. Not too much effort for the end result, which is much clearer night time driving. You can also look to fog lights for safer driving when it is the weather that is marking it harder to see while driving. Most cars do at least have fog lights as an option so installing an aftermarket set of LED or HID fog lights can easily be done, often with a kit that fits in the factory stock fog light location. Even better, for cars that have a fog light option the wiring is usually in place from the factory so all that you need to do is install the lights and get the proper switch from your car dealer's parts counter. It doesn't get much easier than that. Even if your car was not available with a fog light option you still have options to add fog lights to your car, it is just a bit more work. You will need to buy a universal fog light kit. With a universal kit there is a bit more planning and work involved as you will need to locate a power source and mount a toggle switch somewhere to turn on the lights when needed. Typically this will mean splicing into a wire with a 12 volt power source and routing a wire into the passenger compartment of the car where the switch will be located. You will likely need to drill holes to mount this switch, so choose the location wisely. You will also need to drill holes to mount the lights themselves. For this choose a location where the holes that you drill can easily be concealed, but allow for the lights to project in front of the car. If you take these steps to upgrade your car's lights then you will no longer dread driving when visibility is lessened, you will actually look forward to it.
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