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How to upgrade car fog lights?

How to upgrade car fog lights?


Car fog lights now not only have useful functions but also enhance the attractiveness of the car's appearance. According to the continuous progress of the automotive industry, the continuous improvement of each type of auto parts, how to improve the value of the product, and competition in many car sales, auto manufacturers consider starting reforms from fog lights. One of the discriminating factors of configuration.

Guangzhou Traffic Radio conducted an in-depth interview with our DLAA company, on-site answers on how to make car modification fog lights no longer become a problem, and fully understand the advantages and charm brought by fog light conversion.

1. If the original car was original without fog lights, but there are holes for fog lights, it means that this series of cars is equipped with fog lights in another version. We can search for related models on the Internet to get Fog lamp reference

2. The fog lights of DLAA are referenced and modified according to the original design ratio. After confirming the model, you can contact customer service for direct consultation and purchase

3. We also have a variety of modified designs, such as fog lamps with original high matching models (with replaceable LED bulbs) and highlight modified models (increasing the brightness by 30% compared to the original fog lamps). The fog lamp frame is also multi-colored You can choose, the original car is ordinary black, you can consider replacing it with bright black, electroplating, silver, or it can be converted into a led light with a steering flow lamp design.

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