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How to replace car fog lamps and precautions?

by:DLAA      2020-02-17
Fog lights will play a big role in the case of low visibility. There are fog lights on the car now, but the lights will not guarantee that she will not be broken, so what we have to ensure is that we replace it in time when it breaks down. Steps for replacing and installing fog lamps: The first step is to remove the screws. First, beat the steering wheel to death in one direction. Did you see the two screws on the baffle? Screw them both off. The following begins to remove the cover, to get the above buckles down one by one, this requires patience, although the card is relatively tight, but as long as you can find the right direction, follow the direction and you can easily and easily get it down. Brothers, don't be violent. Take two covers and see the fog lamp plug above? It should be noted here that when we install fog lamps, we should remove the part I circled, or the fog lamps will be uneven and leave a large gap, obsessive-compulsive disorder like me is absolutely unbearable. Next, you can install it. Do you understand the in-situ installation? I won't go into details. You can take a look at the owner's manual in detail. I remember relay No. 10 and fuse No. 23. Please see for yourself. Precautions for replacing and installing fog lamps: one point to emphasize is also a particularly important point, that is, to open fog lamp restrictions! Front fog lamp: the function of the front fog lamp is not to illuminate, but to provide a scattering light source with high brightness. The intensity of this light source is to penetrate the thick fog and play the role of reminding the opposite driver. Although it can illuminate a small area, however, if it is used under normal circumstances, it is enough to dazzle the eyes of the opposite driver. In this case, it is an immoral act to turn on the front fog lamp, and it is recommended not to use it under normal circumstances, but only in the case of dense fog. Even if it is a heavy rain situation, only the dipped headlight is needed, and the fog lamp will not give you any help. Rear fog lamp: the function of the rear fog lamp is to make the driver behind the vehicle easily find his car in the environment with low visibility such as fog, snow, rain or dust. Fog lamps are one of the most important lamps in cars nowadays. When visibility is low, fog lamps must be turned on to ensure that the position of our cars can be seen by others and avoid danger.
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