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How to Drive Safely in Fog?

by:DLAA      2020-04-12
Driving in fog can be quite scary. Here are some tips on how to drive in fog. Before driving anywhere, look up the weather conditions. Fog usually occurs in the morning or in the evening. You can also find the areas that tend to have more fog. Usually, beach towns will have denser fog. Allow more distance between your vehicle and other vehicles. Do not rush to get through the fog. You need this extra distance to be able to respond to any emergency situations. There is very little visibility. It is incredibly important to drive cautiously in fog. If necessary, adjust the defroster and windshield wipers to improve visibility. Do not speed. Since your visibility is down, you may not be able to respond quickly to any emergency situations. If your vehicle is equipped with fog lights, use these lights. These lights are usually mounted lower. Fog lights have a wide and flat pattern to minimize reflection. These lights illuminate the road better than standard lights. If you do not have these lights, use low beam lights. In heavy fog conditions, it is not a good idea to use high beam headlights. The fog will simply reflect back the light from high beam headlights. If the fog thins, high beams may be used. When there is low visibility, it is natural for drivers to drift out of their lane. Focus and stay in the middle of your lane. It is especially drive distracted in foggy conditions. Your visibility is already low. Distractions will prevent you from quickly responding to any surprises. Focus on the road. If you really need to engage in a distracting activity, simply pull over. Animals are much harder to see in these conditions. Be careful of any brave animals that may try to cross the road. Colliding in animal can be quite dangerous for the animal and you. In certain areas, fog can cause the roads to freeze. Be careful of slick roads. If you really cannot see, you should just pull over and wait till it clears. It also helps to use the side of the road as a guide. If you have passengers, ask them to help you navigate. Stay calm and you should be able to navigate thick fog. These conditions can be very scary to drive through. Thankfully, it is not a very common occurrence. If you experience foggy driving conditions, it is best to remain calm and drive cautiously. Remember these tips and you should be able to drive safely.
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