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How to check the car headlights is working correctly

by:DLAA      2020-03-28
< p> auto lamp inspection to check the four corners of the vehicle, four lights glow is normal, mainly includes: clearance light, low light, high beam, danger alarm lights, lights, back light, brake light, and high brake lights, license plate lamp, etc. New vehicle examination matters needing attention, auto lamp inspection is necessary. So check carefully, and the steps of inspection is usually need to cooperate with two people, after all, when you hit the brakes, can't come to see the brake lights behind if there's any problem. Mainly for the following car headlights do carefully check: before the lights, side lights, check: amber, change, change lanes when open, remind you for what you've done your back and the side of the vehicle movement. Reversing light inspection: when the owner hangs open automatically when reverse gear, is similar to white transparent lamp, main behind a prompt pedestrians, obstacles, and lighting while backing out. Check brake lights: red, mainly divided into left and right brake lights, brake lights and high current are obstacles, as long as you a brakes, three at the back of the brake lights would light up, to prevent the crash. Dipped headlights, high beam check: white, now on the market is mainly in the low beam or xenon lamp is halogen lights. Car headlights, high beam is easy to be ignored, so be sure to remember to check carefully. Fog lamps check: yellow color, divided into fog lamps before and after the fog lamps. Mainly used for a rainy day, fog when open. Because rain fog day visibility is lower, so use yellow color fog lamps, strong penetrating power and can remind others to find their vehicles. All kinds of car light after the check, check whether there is fog inside the chimney, if there is fog, may is lamp sealing is not good. New vehicle examination matters needing attention, this step is often neglected, because the new car has not start, sometimes even sealing is not good, it is hard to see. So, if conditional word, pour some water on to see better. Next to check whether the auto lamp installation is smooth, and whether the border around the line, sometimes the headlight is not appropriate, it may lead to the lamp and the surrounding the aperture small, large or uneven, to see if lights on either side of the symmetry. Helpful hints: auto lamp inspection, in all of the new vehicle examination matters needing attention, one of the steps is relatively simple, but because in the process of the installation in the overall car headlights, easy problems, check this link, so also is doing also should be taken seriously. < / p>
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