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Guard plate under the belt you know several elements

by:DLAA      2020-07-18
Want to know which engine under guard have several factors influence their use? Then don't miss our finishing for everyone, let's take a look at. Engine under the guard of a few elements: material: adopt the new aviation aluminum alloy material, not only strong toughness, good crashworthiness can, and the material thermal conductivity is very outstanding, in the long time test and use has been verified, the acceptance of the customers is also very high, so is now the most mainstream market to protect the material. Performance: compared with the traditional metal alloy plate, 3 d major armor surrounded by alloy guard did really full, this also is the alloy plate first all surrounded by product, its material has very obvious advantages, coupled with the new reinforcement design, the performance is improved further. Security: a new patent ear line design, ensuring that board by a certain strength along the sinking line automatically fracture, and traditional fixed point guard because the screw and the guard plate is an organic whole, affected by material and craft, etc, many brand protection plate can't achieve real sink function, the fifth generation of 3 d alloy plate adopted new down design, in the original ear part increased the sinking line, when hit by a violent impact can guard along the sinking line position to fall off, this design make it foolproof instability, reducing risk to a minimum, Ordinary metal plate will be stuck engine could not sink, the engine due to the impact rushed into the cab be hurt 'weapon') 。 Now know more about the engine under guard? If necessary, welcome to contact us, we will offer you good quality under guard, let everybody better driving.
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