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Function and usage of automobile fog lamp

by:DLAA      2020-02-15

1. Fog lamps are installed at the front and rear of the car, which are used to illuminate the road and remind the front and rear cars to keep the distance between the car and the vehicle when driving in rainy and foggy weather. 'Fog lamps must be turned on first when driving in foggy days'. The visual visibility of vehicle headlights is generally only within 30 to 50 meters, while the visual visibility of fog lamps reaches about 100. 'If the fog is too thick and the visibility is too low, it needs to be used together with double flashes to make it easier for other vehicles to find themselves. '

2. ' never turn on the high beam when driving in foggy days! 'Many car owners are easy to make this' low-level mistake 'and think that the high beam has strong penetration. Since the sight is not good in foggy days, the fog lamp should be equipped with a high beam to make a' sharp Medicine '. It is unexpected that the high beam lamp will cause diffuse reflection due to fog, the white light fog formed in front of the car, but the driver could not see anything.

when driving from a foggy section to a foggy section, try not to step on the emergency brake, but to choose a continuous point brake. 'Point brake can make the brake lights appear continuous flashing effect, not only can avoid rear-end collision, but also can better prompt the rear car. '

3. Do not use fog lamp when driving without fog at night, because the front fog lamp has no hood and the rear fog lamp bulb has high power, it will form dazzling light for drivers who meet in front and follow behind, which will further affect driving safety.

The Continuous haze weather not only threatens people's health, but also adds a lot of pressure to transportation. According to the statistics of the traffic control department, driving under foggy road conditions and incorrect use of lights have become the first killer of accidents.

The correct use of fog lamps in foggy seasons can effectively reduce the probability of traffic accidents.

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