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Forklift truck lamp manufacturer to introduce the different types of warning lights installation method is different

by:DLAA      2020-03-20
< p> 1, to install the warning drivers to remind: warning light is points are negative, positive answer the 58 ports, the cathode screw, otherwise I wouldn't blink 2, the LED warning light truck manufacturer open T73 - tip A must be careful when operating, because the space is narrow, the waist is bad classmate don't try so hard, the slowly to! 3, the connection method of normal, wiring, screw end, end broken line 58 ports, broken line cross connection again, just normal. 4, long line warning light correct connection is: propaganda apparatus is red line after the input of engine, engine input cathode anode black line, normal flashing way: the LED warning light truck manufacturer should pick up the yellow line and white line will blink, then the blue line electric megaphone horn, public bus on joint control flashing module 5, small warning light is red line corresponding to the battery positive connection, black line corresponds to the battery cathode, in addition to the halogen revolving warning lights < / p>
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