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Forklift truck lamp manufacturer to explain what makes mold non-normal failure frequently

by:DLAA      2020-03-18
< p> factories in practical applications, tend to the cost of repair again reach to around a third - the cost of production 1/2, determine the mold have failed, then again for repair often do more harm than good. Die failure were divided into abnormal failure and normal failure. Abnormal failure ( The early failure) Refers to the life of the mold have not reached the industry recognized when will not be able to serve. Normal failure refers to the mold after mass production use, because of the slow plastic deformation or relatively uniform wear or fatigue fracture and not continue to serve. Although there are many different kinds of molds, working condition difference is very big, the damage that vary, but according to the failure modes can be divided into three types: namely, the wear failure, failure and plastic deformation failure. ( 1) Wear and tear, is due to the relative motion of the surface, the contact surface of the phenomenon of losing material; ( 2) Fracture, divided into plastic fracture and brittle fracture, and can be divided into one-time fracture and fatigue fracture to brittle fracture; ( 3) To certain parts of the plastic deformation, is when the mould under the stress over the temperature of mould material yield limit, lattice with slip, twin and grain boundary sliding way produce plastic deformation, change the geometry shape or size, and can't repair service again, show the upsetting, bending, shaped cavity swell, collapse and so on. Mould of plastic deformation is mould yield process of metal materials. The service life of die and mold design level, the die structure, die material and heat treatment, material selection, mechanical processing technology, mould lubrication and other factors. According to relevant personnel on the analysis of a large number of failure mould and various factors in the cause of die failure, due to the mould structure is not reasonable cause mould failure accounted for about 25%, therefore, the design and reasonable mould structure, to improve the quality and service life of mould will have the effect of get twice the result with half the effort. Reasonable mould structure design should make mould work force uniform, not easy to partial load, the stress concentration is small. No matter what kind of mold, die set should have good rigidity, template shoulds not be too thin, in the case of working machinery space enough, try to increase the thickness, not only should meet the requirements of the strength of the die set, should focus on more consideration of formwork stiffness. From the point of the large mould of imports, domestic mold are widespread phenomenon of template slants thin, the main reason is the insufficient understanding of die set rigid. For multi-station die, two guide pin guide is often difficult to ensure the accuracy requirement of the guide, should with four guide pin guide and large mould to consider with six pillar of guide guide. When using multiple root guide pin guide, the location precision of some of the parts to pay special attention to. For the working parts of die forming, work site the size of the radius, not only has influence to the forming process and product quality, also played a role in the mould failure forms and life, on the premise of meet the requirements of products, increasing working parts as far as possible the transition radius, to increase the service life of mould will receive unexpected results. Unable to increase the radius of the occasion and complex structure of die, can consider to adopt inlay spelling structure, it also can reduce stress concentration. For stamping die, on the premise of guarantee the parts size accuracy, reasonable increase the space of convex and concave die, in order to improve the stress of working parts of punch, the blanking force, unloading force and ejecting force drops, convex and concave die blade wear reduction, thus improve die life. High-speed multi-station progressive stamping die to pay attention to the problem of waste, rebound, increase the corresponding measures in the structure, in order to avoid when high-speed stamping as instantaneous vacuum effect produced by small waste, rebound phenomenon, make the waste into the work area and make the punch edge split. < / p>
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