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Forklift truck lamp manufacturer of sheet metal surface treatment of plastic and spray paint of the lacquer that bake is analysed

by:DLAA      2020-03-19
< p> principle: painting: generally refers to the liquid spraying, he has two kinds: the technology of liquid and the dry spray painting of the lacquer that bake, since the dry is sprayed out can be natural curing at room temperature, lower cost, but the effect with painting can't compete. Plastic spraying, surface treatment is another kind of raw material, and the former is the difference between: its material is PE or PVC materials. They all have in common is before spraying to be spray processing clean! Difference: spray paint, color effect will be better, the film thickness is thin, some suitable for precision products, cost are higher; Plastic spraying, wear resistance, better corrosion resistance, paint film is thick, suitable for the rack device class, coarse products better, lower cost, plastic powder can be recycled. < / p>
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