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by:DLAA      2020-03-12
< p> light fog lamps knowledge into fog lamps before and after the fog lamps, when visibility is less than 30 meters, fog lamps can often play a very strong warning role. Compared the dipped headlights, in front of the front fog lamp light more bright, is stronger on the penetrability of the fog, can make the other car to observe their position. But fog lamps generally do not open at ordinary times, although it can light up a small piece of the road ahead, but the strong light can let each other to feel not adapt. Compared to the tail clearance of soft lighting, red fog lamps is basic for flat beam, strong penetration in the fog, normally open may also affect the driver behind the line of sight. Clearance light, also called width modulation, literally, 'in' is the meaning of warning; 'Profile' has the meaning of outline, to show his profile by light is a warning sign lights, signal lights to warn other vehicles. The lamp general installation on the edge of the car, the driver can clearly know the size of the car. Safety standard, when the car is higher than 3 meters high, cart roof must also installation clearance light, after the clearance for the former white color red. Lights flash represent? Flash head lights mean generally is to remind the front vehicle 'move', the role of the basic equivalent of the horn, can also be used to remind each other close the high beam. But flash a few times on behalf of the meaning is not the same. Confronted with a red light, for example, in front of the owners of daydreaming didn't notice the green light, the rear vehicle can flash the high beam remind, avoid by all means flash for many times. High beam under two, remind each other vehicles close high beam. The rear car head lights flashing three times, remind vehicles may have a fault. < / p>
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