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Forklift can start light not on what reason be

by:DLAA      2020-03-13
< p> < p> check the battery, if it is normal to check the key door, and whether the line between them broke, mainly to check the battery of the pile. Battery clip whether corrosion < / p> < p> new danyang huayang lamp co. , LTD is specialized in producing all kinds of auto lamp, fog lamps, auto lights, fog lamps, forklift truck lamp series of medium-sized enterprises, mainly exported to Europe and the United States, the Middle East and southeast Asia and other regions. Located in the rich natural resources, industrial aggregation, economic prosperity of the Yangtze river golden triangle, the hometown of fish and rice in the south of jiangsu — Danyang with tongjiang road no. 188. Remarkable the beijing-hangzhou grand canal, gold aisle of the Yangtze river, shanghai-nanjing expressway, 312 national highway and, nanjing lukou airport, Shanghai, Su Xi, Chang Gaoxin technology triangle near at hand. Advantageous geographical location, traffic is convenient. The company technical force is abundant, the ability to mold development; Can provide the samples to develop cooperation with customers, and efforts to clients from all over the world provide quality fog lamps. Here, we will use the faith, the pursuit and dedication to open new voyage, skip over the waves, go forward, to our ideal and goal. Take the lead in the industry to propose 'sincerely services, effective feedback, fast response, the best benefit' service concept, so as to let the customer and to establish between supply and demand both sides of the green channel, to achieve 'win-win' situation. Strict quality management is the enterprise in the fierce competition in the market under the condition of survival and development based the deciding factor. 'Let every customer satisfaction' is the tenet of our company to the constant. < / p> < / p>
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