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For your introduction of waste tire pyrolysis oil polarity analysis

by:DLAA      2020-08-13
Waste tire pyrolysis oil to the study of things have not reported, in this paper, the waste tires pyrolysis oil separation, cutting through the GC - polarity of them 女士,GC - FID qualitative quantitative analysis, provide basic data quality evaluation of the pyrolysis oil port 2. Experiment 2. 1 waste tires 5 kg sample preparation, input speed of 4 designed external heated rotating g/min, fill nitrogen protection, pyrolysis temperatures in 600, thermal pyrolysis tar. According to the tar 0. 020. 5 g, with 30 ml hexyl night/filter the solution, filter residue asphaltene, the filtrate with a rotary evaporator to concentrate l - 3 ml, concentrate on the move - m aluminium column chromatography/hexane with 20 ml solution as drench lotion, leaching, four times as the eluent get fat hydrocarbon components. With 20 ml of chloroform and hexyl ( V / V = 21) Four times mixed solvent elution chromatography column, the eluent is the aromatic components. Again with 10 ml of anhydrous ethanol elution first pillars, with 10 ml chloroform leaching, after a quick polar components, eluent respectively with a rotary evaporator to concentrate l - 3 ml, for GC - 女士,GC - 2 / FID analysis. 2. 2 the idea - chromatographic conditions 100. Carburetor temperature 240 v 254 m quartz capillary column, column temperature, carrier gas He. 2. 2. Three ionization mass spectrometry conditions way EI, electron bombardment energy 70 ev, scanning range 35 - quality 300 u, sweep 1 instrument name: 30 mx Trace2000 gas chromatograph. 25 mmx0。 25 PM quartz capillary column, the carburetor temperature 240 I column temperature (60 25毫米) , split ratio 25:1, carrier gas flow carrier gas conditions according to the above analysis, the polarity in the waste tire pyrolysis oil qualitative quantitative analysis. Qualitative quality according to the sample spectra and N1ST standard spectral library reference and reserve calculation to complete the specified P 'quantitatively on the basis of GC - FID peak area of the peak area normalization is used to calculate the percentage content of each component mouth specific results are shown in table 'from table 1, the main ingredients for himself in the brew amine, 44. 21%, and the vast majority of the group are divided into aromatic compounds containing RS such as atomic ( Account for 70. 73%) , it has to do with waste tires N and S elements contained in the raw material, also waste tire pyrolysis oil polarity components significantly different from such as poly (combustion, polarity in the biomass pyrolytic oil content is the main component of oxygenated compounds in mouth polarity content in table 1 waste tire pyrolysis oil analysis results of the retention time of compound name relative percentage recoiled glycol amine 2, 4-5% 2 - dimethyl quinoline caprolactam 17 ketone division 1 - Different 2 - 2-10 xu Methyl sulfonium benzothiazole formic acid diisobutyl phthalate Z N - vinegar Formyl aniline.
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