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Fog Lights - Crucial For Safety in Bad Weather

by:DLAA      2020-04-14
Manufacturers always try to equip the vehicles they make with devices that are necessary for proper functioning under normal conditions and even under some unusual and adverse conditions. However, under some extreme conditions of weather, aftermarket products specially meant for use under such conditions have to be acquired. Headlights are good enough for use at night or when visibility is poor for any reason. But if there is thick fog or snow headlights are not adequate and one has to use fog lights. These are bright lights mounted below the headlights and aimed at lower level so that they do not bother the drivers of oncoming vehicles. Very bright sources of light like halogen lights, or LED lights, or HID (High Intensity Discharge) lights are also now used in fog lights. Fog lights are mostly yellow in color but when some new sources of light are used they have a purplish color. Some car owners like to have a few unusual equipments in their cars. Their underlying idea is to surprise those who have a look at their car. For example they install racing seats in non-racing cars. These are light yet strong seats and are usually made of aluminum or polypropylene. Option of reinforced head support or double rib support is also there. Drivers feel more secure in such seats. Use of fog lights is essential for safety under extreme weather conditions, and you cannot make any compromise where safety is concerned. If a vehicle is not equipped with them one may have to install them so that the vehicle can operate under all weather conditions. Fog light kits with wires and switches are available in the market and they do not cost much and it is not difficult to install them. A few choices of their designs and styles are also on offer. Racing seats are also available in many designs. Some of them have additional features to reduce physical stress. You will find them at almost all automobile ancillary stores. You can also go online to select them as that will save your time and will be less bothersome than making a round of automobile stores.
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