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Fog lamps to replace and matters needing attention

by:DLAA      2020-07-12
Fog lamps in the case of low visibility will play a big role, cars now have fog lamps, but can't ensure she won't be a bad light, so we have to ensure we change in time is bad. Change and add fog lamps step: start, the first step is to discharge screw. To kill the steering wheel in one direction, the first to see the two screws on the damper have no? Two screw down it. Below to cover, to give the above card one by one down, this requires patience, although the card is tight, but as long as you can find the direction, along the direction can be relaxed and easy to get down, brothers don't violence. Cover scored two, see the fog lamps above the plug? Here it is important to note that our time of fog lamps to the part that I circle out off, or fog lamps installed will be uneven, leave big gap and obsessive compulsive disorder like me is absolutely cannot endure. Can then be installed, we all know in situ installation? I won't go into. Their steps as you can see the owners manual in detail, in my impression is 10, relay and 23 fuse, everyone still see by yourself. Change and add fog lamps notice: to emphasize the point that is particularly important, is to open fog lamps to limit! Front fog lamps: the role of the front fog lamp is not lighting, but to provide a high brightness of scattering light source, the light intensity is to penetrate the fog, the effect to remind the drivers, although able to light up a small piece of place, but if used in normal circumstances, enough of the driver's eyes dazzled. In this case, the open front fog lamp is a kind of unethical behavior, suggested that under normal circumstances do not use, and only in the case of the fog. Even if the heavy rain, also only needs low beam lights, fog lamps will not give you any help. Fog lamps: after the role of the fog lamp is in the fog, snow, rain, or dust diffuse low visibility environment to make the car at the back of the car driver is easy to find his own car. Fog lamps are the lights from a car is a more important now, at the time of low visibility must open fog lamps to ensure our car position can be seen, to avoid danger.
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