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Fog lamps manufacturers to introduce the function and operation method of fog lamps

by:DLAA      2020-03-16
< p> 1, fog lamps, function and usage of fog lamps installed in the front of the car and the rear, used for lighting when fog had traffic road, remind the car before and after the car distance. 'Fog driving, preferred must open fog lamps, vehicle headlamps visual visibility within 30 to 50 meters only commonly, and fog light visual visibility 100 m or so. 'If the fog is too thick, low visibility, still need to cooperate with double flash used together, in order to make other vehicles are more likely to find themselves. '2, fog,' don't open the high beam! 'A lot of owner are prone to this' mistake ', thought high beam strong penetrating power, the line of sight is not good, now that the fog the fog lamps with high beam to point out the 'strong medicine', shows his high beam due to the fog diffuse, formed in the front of the white fog creates, instead, a driver can't see anything. Thin sections from the fog fog into thick sections, try not to hit the brakes, and should choose continuous snub. 'Snub to the continuous flash effect on the brake lights, can not only avoid collision, and better able to prompt the car. '3, night without fog driving not use fog lamps, because no hood front fog lamp, fog lamp bulb after big power, can give followed meeting car and a driver in front of the formation of dazzling light, more affect driving safety. Persistent haze weather not only threatens the health of people, also added a lot of pressure to transportation. Foggy weather conditions, according to statistics of traffic administration, traffic, is not the correct use of light has become into the first killer of the accident. < / p>
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