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Fog lamps manufacturers how to correctly choose safe and effective for auto are introduced in this paper. the headlight?

by:DLAA      2020-06-22
Car headlights for the importance of traffic safety nature is self-evident, especially at night, we need car headlights illuminated driving vision, at the same time warning and warn other vehicles, or a pedestrian. So, correct choose safe and effective car headlights is very important. The current mainstream car headlights, basically have LED lamps, xenon lamps or halogen lamps, the author respectively introduce the characteristics of these three headlight, do a reference for everyone to choose car headlights. Halogen headlight brightness far lower than other headlight, most in yellow light. Most early halogen lamps used with bowl-shaped chimney, halogen headlight also deserves to go up now lens, halogen headlight life is relatively short, and after using for a long time, there will be a black phenomenon. But the halogen headlamps in the days of penetration for fog was quite good, such as our fog lamps used in the halogen lamps. The cost of halogen headlights is very low, the price compared with other two headlamps more cheaper. Then the xenon headlamps. Xenon headlight brightness compared to halogen lamps, is much better. Xenon lamp is heavy metal lamp, through the uv crystal the glass tube filled with a variety of chemical gas, inert gases such as xenon. And then through the supercharger will car 12 v power supply instantly rose to 23000 v, under the high voltage, xenon will be ionized and in the power between two poles produce light source. Xenon headlamps due to the complexity of headlamp unit assembly than halogen lamps is too much, so the replacement of the xenon headlamps replacement bulbs is not just that simple, The xenon headlamps assembly including lamp, ballast and matching quad) 。 Finally the LED headlight. The brightness of the LED big chy-tech doing very well, and at the same time penetrating ability is also very good, and the LED headlamp unit energy consumption is low, long life, is the three big comprehensive performance of the best in the headlamp unit. So, now more and more vehicles began to use the LED headlamp unit. However, the high cost of LED lamps. From what has been discussed above, I suggest you choose LED headlight, followed by the xenon headlamps, finally the halogen lamps.
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