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Fog lamps manufacturer to tell you with a choice of four lights know-how

by:DLAA      2020-06-19
Automobile lamps and lanterns of circulation industry is divided into three major market at present, namely the truck market, professional maintenance, auto parts retail market. After years of automobile lamps and lanterns selectives examination found that the vehicle manufacturer use parts quality more optimistic; Special maintenance parts product quality more safely. Auto parts shop product quality is worrying. Automobile lamps mainly consists of three parts: lens, mirror, car bulbs. And the design of the lens, mirror and the two and the bulb filament position with the rationality of the is the key factor that directly affects the quality of product of lamps and lanterns. S not only see the price on the market product automobile lamps and lanterns from ten yuan to hundreds of yuan, quality is uneven. And form a complete set of lamps and lanterns price in a few yuan, basically does not generally in the auto parts market circulation. Consumers don't notice when the choose and buy products prices. S well-known manufacturer of choose and buy products that consumers should give preference to use well-known enterprise production car lighting products, light bulbs can choose philips, osram and other large regular light bulb manufacturers products, don't buy 3 without the product. S carefully check the certificate in addition to view the product certificate, you can also view the products production enterprise name, address, telephone, view product standards. S can be simple visual should be no bad appearance of automobile lamps and lanterns product defects, feel is smooth, no burr; Bulbs should be national standard rules of automobile products light bulb; For automobile headlamps products, consumer is when the choose and buy can see its light and shade as line is clear and tidy.
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