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Fog lamps manufacturer to tell you why your car without front fog lamps

by:DLAA      2020-06-18
Fog lamps one belongs to car lights, it is characterized by strong penetrability, in fog weather, fog lamps can let others see you, is very important to safety. In our country, according to the relevant provisions of the national standard GB4660, GB4785 car after the fog lamps must have, but did not say how many, all a lot of car is only a fog lamps, and fog lamps must be on the left. Many factories may for reasons of costs or design, are all left a fog lamps, right a back-up lamp ( The who, before the draft when necessary to delete this sentence) 。 Also provides visibility in 100 - in our country Must live within 200 meters open fog lamps, but only the highway. If used in the city, 1 points fined 50 yuan. But the front fog lamp installation requirements is just the 'options', also goes a long way to explaining why some vehicles or vehicles without front fog lamps. But, there is no front fog lamps, doesn't mean automakers to ignore the security configuration.
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