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Fog lamps manufacturer to tell you what types auto parts

by:DLAA      2020-06-21
Auto parts constitute the whole of each unit and in the service of car products are generally referred to as the auto parts, main categories: engine parts, mainly including the engine, engine assembly, throttle body, cylinder block, when tight round, etc. Transmission system accessories, mainly include the clutch, gearbox, variable speed shift lever assembly, drive, magnetic materials, etc. Brake system parts, including brake master cylinder, brake wheel cylinder, brake assembly, brake pedal assembly, compressor, brake disc, brake drum and so on. Steering system accessories, mainly including king pin, steering knuckle, steering machine, the ball head pin, etc. Walking system accessories, mainly including the rear axle, air suspension system, the balance blocks, steel plate, etc. Outside the car accessories, mainly including article Gu wheel cover, car body color block, such as stickers, license plate planes, rain or shine. Automobile lamps and lanterns, mainly including lights, fog lamps, absorb dome light, headlights, brake lights, down lights, lights, instrument lights, lights, searchlights, etc all kinds of auto lamp. Car modification parts, mainly including tire pump, car, car roof rack roof-box, electric winch, etc. Anti-theft security accessories, mainly including the steering wheel lock, wheel locks, seat belts, cameras. Car interior accessories, including the car carpet ( MATS) , steering wheel cover, steering wheel power ball, curtains, the sun gear and so on. Electric instrument accessories, mainly including sensors, automobile lamps and lanterns, spark plug, battery, etc. Composite parts, mainly including adhesive, sealant, the accessory tools, automobile springs, plastic parts, etc. Av electrical accessories, mainly including tire pressure monitoring system, decoder, display, car radios, etc. The car body and accessories, mainly including wipers, auto glass, seat belts, airbags, meter counter etc.
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