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Fog lamps manufacturer to tell you what's the use of fog lamps?

by:DLAA      2020-06-20
Fog lamps are divided into fog lamps before and after the fog lamps, are no mandatory requirements in gb, so a lot of cars in order to Jane, cost savings, not to install fog lamps. After the low visibility weather conditions, fog lamps rely on a strong red, warn others. We can observe that the vehicle is rear view light after the brake lights and fog lamps, will find that after the fog lamps will light a lot, even is dazzling. Front fog lamps, front fog lamps absolutely first lighting effect, front fog lamp installation position is low, the brightness of the regulatory requirements is very high, the rays could make a very good low beam lights and high beam cannot in front lighting dark space. And regulations for fog lamps light fog lamps needs to be done before wide, is the lighting of your vehicle as far as possible before the left and right front, the purpose is to let you see the signs in the ground, let you along these marked progress. At the same time, more and more front fog lamps for steering auxiliary functions, namely, turning to open front fog lamps, light vision blind area, it is also the lighting effect. Next, talk about the front fog lamp warning role. In the fog weather, dipped headlight due to regulatory requirements, penetrate in the light of the ground, not to the other side of warning; And high beam? Actually high beam can definitely have the effect of fog warning to others, but because of the high beam irradiation in the vertical direction Angle is big, a lot of light into the sky, the installation position and high, fog on high beam, strong lights on the heavy fog, the vehicle driving directions to form a layer of light curtain instead, affect the driver's field of vision, so the fog is generally not open high beam; And front fog lamps because of light and shade as line is not so clear, dipped headlights that it can have a lot of light toward the opposite to vehicles and pedestrians, play a warning role, and won't have too much light into the sky, together with its low installation position, so won't produce similar to the effect of high beam vision problems. To sum up, the fog lamps can be greatly improved in the fog of your safety, front fog lamps can warn others not only, also can have lighting effect oh, so, some manufacturers in order to save money, but not assembly fog lamps is play rascal, is there? But if your car is front fog lamps and high-end LED front fog lamp, it's a crime, not only let you so pay big money, and because the LED light for the penetration of the fog is far lower than the ordinary halogen light source, for your security instead of no ordinary halogen light source front fog lamp is good, so meet some car taillight including distance light is full of high grade of LED light source, atmosphere and front fog lamps just a broken light bulb, don't abandon it, this is a manufacturer of a good intention.
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