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Fog lamps manufacturer to tell you what is the function of auto plastic rubber

by:DLAA      2020-06-21
Auto plastic rubber damping parts can substitute for metal spring damping, vibration absorption of its main performance requirements on the static stiffness, dynamic stiffness and durability. Non-metallic materials on modern cars is more and more widely used, complicated messy material classes must have many engineers puzzled. Automotive powertrain mount support the car engine and liquid resistance have the effect of two-way isolation, the main rubber spring has good elasticity and easy to be out of shape. The performance of suspension stiffness and damping are affected. Rubber as an important engineering material, it has the sound attenuation, vibration isolation and cushioning performance, and the ability of a certain temperature, stable performance, convenient in manufacturing, and metal link together. Rubber main spring is the mechanical loss of the dynamic viscoelastic damping, so the damping rubber dynamic viscoelastic constitutive model is very necessary. With the properties of the metal, rubber material properties and geometric features are non-linear, rubber constitutive model to analyze its dynamic characteristics have important influence. And rubber materials affected by temperature and surrounding medium, strain history, loading amplitude, the frequency of the load, and should be sensitive to the influence of such factors as variable size, the fatigue properties of rubber becomes more complicated. Rubber molecules within the attenuation characteristic is due to friction damping rubber material of the main features, internal friction rapid warming in rubber, and in order to eliminate the high frequency vibration, must depend on the internal friction of rubber for vibration reduction. With the increase of material damping, the energy consumption is also increasing, increase energy into heat energy. Rubber is a poor conductor of heat energy that temperature, rigidity, durability. As far as possible to reduce the high frequency vibration and the influence of temperature on the material in constitutive model should be established and should join the temperature correction. Precise selection of rubber constitutive model can accurately obtain fatigue properties of rubber, which laid a foundation for later of rubber fatigue characteristic research. As mandatory environmental regulations come on stage, light, reduce cost and increase the growing demand for the reliability, enhanced engine temperature, space closure, simplify production process, reduce the adhesive, instead of thermoset rubber, the development of the trend of improving the recovery rate.
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