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Fog lamps manufacturer to tell you the lamp maintenance matters needing attention

by:DLAA      2020-06-19
The lamp is car 'eyes'. Bright lights of the atmosphere, can make your car looks very spirit. Security lights as you drive at night, is very important. Good performance of trouble-free headlights, can effectively reduce the happening of the accident. So, how to maintain the lamp? Next, let's take a look. Headlights when maintenance work must first check whether the normal daily check lights not so simple, casual glance when check the lights, you must check the various different types of light ( Such as lights, tail lights, fog lights, etc. ), It is working correctly. You also need to check the illuminate of headlamps direction for migration, the light brightness is enough. Daily check the lamp working condition, can in time to understand the status of the headlights, avoid accident happening. Light maintenance regularly replacement bulbs car light bulbs are consumables, has its inherent life. Many people think that even if the light bulb is used long, as long as still bright, also no big deal. This is actually a kind of luck. Light bulb is used long will become dark, irradiation distance will become shorter, directly affects the night driving, is a very big security hidden danger. So once found that dim bulb, or the light two different light bulb brightness, is about to change in time, to ensure driving safety. In addition, in the light bulb when don't direct contact with the hand, in order to avoid pollution of the light bulb, slow down the service life of the bulb. Light maintenance to scrubbing away chimney cars on the roads after the rain, splashing inevitably, will also be stained with mud on car lampshade. In general, the car lampshade is special materials, sealing is very good. But car chimney is studded with stars on the sludge, is very effect the beauty of the car, more will affect the lamp lighting effect. Light maintenance to water after dry cleaning engine warehouse to dry. Car engine warehouse needs regular cleaning, but the water must be dried after cleaning. Otherwise, in the use of cars, with the increase of temperature of the engine compartment, nacelle residual water will turn into water vapor, easily from the engine compartment into the headlights, lead to light can't normal use. Light maintenance such as collision to timely repair if the car had a stuttering, had cracks in light, so don't be dragged on, in a timely manner to the repair shop for repair. Lights have crack, will make the air into the light, lead to the lamp fails, make the light doesn't work. Lamp maintenance will form good habits of using an item using the length of life, much depends on whether the habit of using items scientific and reasonable. The right way to use headlights is: auto start - — Open the lamp; Shut the lamp - — Close the car. A lot of friends do not pay attention to the details, so on a sunny day, can also see a lot of light of the lamp. Thus unconsciously consume the lights, also the waste of resources. Summary after the introduction of the above, we the maintenance for lamp has had certain understanding. We must frequently to maintain, develop good habits, only in this way can make the lamp for our normal work, bring us driving safety and security.
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