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Fog lamps manufacturer to introduce you to what color of light can be used as the color of the fog lamps?

by:DLAA      2020-03-17
< p> yellow light color can be used as fog lamps. Fog lamps light yellow light, this is after scientists studied carefully to make the best choice. One, no more eye-catching red light, because of the fog lamps must have the function of the scattering of light, to make as much as possible to spread into a larger area in front of the light beam light clusters, the oncoming car drivers can see goals and don't feel dazzling. And the intensity of yellow light scattering intensity of red light scattering is five times. It is obvious that the yellow light as the fog lamps light color than red light efficiency is much higher. Second, the green light, the light blue and purple light scattering effect is stronger than the yellow light, but in yellow light fog lamps light for the following reasons: green light has been as a 'safe' and 'can be a symbol of the light. ' As for the blue and purple light, though the wavelength is very short and scattering effect is stronger, but they have a deficiency of the weaknesses of the darker is light, and their color and in the evening, or cloudy sky color is very close to the dawn, and the fog is the most easy to permeate the earth at this time for. In such a big environment background, use blue or purple light again, obviously does not accord with the requirement of signal. < / p>
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