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Fog lamps manufacturer to introduce you to the lamp should pay attention to daily maintenance or easy to cause accident

by:DLAA      2020-03-21
< p> the lamp is the important part of car can work accident, its role is the most basic lighting and security, in the process of vehicle safety driving played an extremely important role. After lamp can be divided into front lights, lights, lights, license plate lamp, etc. A considerable part of the traffic accident is due to the line of sight is not clear, so light is very important to maintain. Light or easy to cause accident should pay attention to daily maintenance lamp maintenance need to be aware of some things. Note 1: put an end to bad light bulb. Bulb performance quality is very important, because it will affect the lighting effect, affect driving safety. The high quality of headlight bulb, is powerful guarantees for safe driving. Note 2: the daily maintenance. Daily maintenance, car need to be in filter oil machine whether need to change, whether the brake that, similarly headlight bulb requires periodic inspection are in good condition, also need to be replaced in a timely manner. Generally speaking, the car every 50000 km or 2 years or so, the brightness of the headlight bulb will be reduced, this time need to 4 s shops for testing, if the lamp brightness is insufficient, timely replacement bulbs, best best left and right sides change at the same time, to keep the brightness is unified. Note 3: adjust the lamp itself. A yearly check of vehicle friends all know that at the time of annual inspection, detects light beam position is correct, that is to ensure that the light beam position correctly or not is very important. Correct beam position is the guarantee of safety, let vision more clearly. If the lights appear problem, it is not necessary to have the 4 s shop to solve, this kind of problem can fix myself. < / p>
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