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Fog lamps manufacturer to introduce you to the integration of the led lamps?

by:DLAA      2020-03-23
< p> integration led lamps are just as its name implies is light and driver are one and the same, but on general market, it is to drive the power supply in the tail end of the lamp. Actually like LED headlamps, as a powerful product, its heat dissipation must be to pass, because we all know, heat dissipation can't droop will be very serious, serious droop how normal use. Integrated LED headlight tail drive power supply, all how to ensure that there is plenty of space radiator? Not enough space cooling and the service life of how to ensure adequate? And we all know that heat cause fusing, it in use in the summer, ultra high temperature is easier to cause fire. Think is terrible, and according to our data analysis, the instability of integrated factor is too much, the potential risk is also high. Has integrated headlight is actually a benefit, it is easy installation, but for us, on the security and stability is what the most important, isn't it? < / p>
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