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Fog lamps manufacturer to introduce you to the fog weather unfavorable use xenon headlamps

by:DLAA      2020-03-30
< p>, according to a senior automotive engineers Mr. Jiang introduced on ordinary motor vehicle is equipped with lights, high beam, low beam fog lamps and width modulation. Low beam light, between the traditional halogen bulb is yellow glow, better in light or bright lights compare the city streets, lighting effect is not obvious. And xenon headlamps is white or light blue light, lighting the clarity of the match, but the xenon headlamps light penetration in the fog is very limited. High beam under the condition of the lack of light reflected higher and further provide brighter, talent, but if used improperly, can seriously affect the normal driving other cars. Which was found in the lane to the vehicles coming, then we should close the high beam with rapid, after being to cars going to open again. Fog lamps is the first-class in the fog, rain and snow weather conditions of low visibility, compare with low visibility at the application of fog lamps the characteristics of high power, high brightness, strong penetrating power, able to make under the condition of low visibility on or in front of the vehicle can see farther, to prevent the risk of attack. While in wide lamp is mainly used in the evening or early in the morning, the light is not very poor lack to open the dipped headlights, can be used in wide light to stop, don't want to loss to prevent attacks. Overtaking earlier to use at night lights at night, first of all, to control the speed of driving, the don't exceed the speed limit road highway, next to frequent use high beam check the status, so as to timely to make the right. As stop overtaking moves, the pilot earlier open a turn, carefully check again after stop overtaking and lines. This is due to the visual range reduced in the night, not driving at night in the daytime driving way, need more long anticipation time reserved for himself. Staff introduced according to the traffic police department, and at night in the blockade of the risk coefficient of highway driving compare high, due to the lack of lighting conditions, the driver is easy to neglect 'hiding' fork in the road. Since there is no light instructions, the fork in the road often have the vehicle out of, if the speed too fast it is hard to make a policy response in a timely manner. Therefore, under the condition of the road, the driver can frequently used high beam can see the front have a crossing, and make a slow movements, such as early in order to increase the safe sex in the process of driving. < / p>
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