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Fog lamps manufacturer to introduce you to the difference between fog lamps and dipped headlights

by:DLAA      2020-03-15
< p> fog lamps is mounted on the front a bit lower than the headlamps, used for fog had automobile lamps and lanterns of lighting the road when driving. Low visibility because of the fog, the driver line of sight is limited. Lighting can increase the running distance, especially the yellow fog lamps light strong penetrating power, it can increase the visibility of the pilot with the surrounding traffic participants, make to vehicles and pedestrians in far found each other. Red and yellow is the color of the strongest penetration, but the red stands for 'no thoroughfare', so choose yellow. Yellow is the most pure color, and the color of the most powerful penetration of the car yellow fog light can penetrate thick fog shot to far away places. And because of the backscattering, car drivers bright headlights, after adding background intensity, image blur more vehicles. Automotive fog lamps after refers to the diffuse fog, snow, rain, or dust such as low visibility environment, in order to make the vehicle rear other road traffic participants is easy to be found and installed in the vehicle tail, luminous intensity is bigger than tail light red signal. Is dipped headlights when driving, the speed is slow, or poor road conditions, as well as with the other side of the vehicle will use when light automobile lamps and lanterns. Since January 1, 1999, the state Ministry of Public Security requirement accord with national standard fog lights, motor vehicles must be installed after installation fog lamps not according to stipulations of motor vehicles are not allowed to enter the highway. Specific provision is: visibility in the 200 m - 500 - m, must open the dipped headlights, lights and tail lights, wide speed of no more than 80 KMH, with the same lane limber must maintain 150 m over the driving distance; Visibility during 100-200 - m, must open the fog lamps, low beam lights, lights and tail lights, wide speed should not exceed 60 KMH, car and keep distance is 100 m above; Visibility in 50-100 - m, wide open fog lamps, low beam lights, lights and tail lights, speed of more than 40 KMH, car and spacing in more than 50 m. Visibility less than 50 m, according to relevant regulations, public security traffic administration will take partial and the whole road closed the highway traffic control measures. < / p>
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