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Fog lamps manufacturer to introduce you to the car with front fog lamps, whether through the annual inspection car

by:DLAA      2020-06-29
Abroad, fog lamps are a must, in the domestic original imports basic also is installed good fog lamps, some domestic cars in order to save money so there is no fog lamps, so on the vehicle in front of the car in the picture there would be no fog lamps. But considering the safety and beautiful problem, owners tend to 4 s shop with a pair of front fog lamps. But after add front fog lamps, will affect annual inspection car? According to the normal situation, you put the fog lamps and vehicle license is not the same, the DMV will refuse to careful! If you want to install, only replace the vehicle license, have to take pictures! As a matter of fact, the vehicle annual inspection are generally through the motions, is not as strict as I thought, basic is no problem with front fog lamps through the yearly check. And since 2015, new car is mot 6 years; Old car mot really afraid of pass, for the sake of car beauty and the owner of security concerns, you can also find universal cattle!
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