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Fog lamps manufacturer to introduce you to the car headlights and molding process

by:DLAA      2020-03-30
< p> with the development of national economy, the auto industry as a pillar industry of the country. The current rapid development of automobile industry of automobile lighting higher and higher demands are proposed. Automotive lighting quality and to train operation safety is very important, so today's regulations in all countries of the world have strict requirements on automotive lighting. Car is becoming more and more rich, the types of light has a head lamp, tail lights, fog lights, lights, bumper, lamp, brake lamp, wide lamp, back light, high brake lights, license plate lamp, danger alarm lights, interior lighting, and so on. Lamps and lanterns design not only to meet the requirements of the regulations on safety but also meet the requirements of some other aspects, such as the shape to the exterior of the car, beautiful and practical, accord with the requirement of air dynamics, make drivers and passengers feel comfortable and convenient. So now the lamp design technology is also changing with the development of the automotive industry. Headlights taillights special plastic material tube set of common problems in design 1, 2, screw idling don't feed screw torque required is too heavy to rotate 3, plastic not completely melt 4, the screw metering unstable 5, 6, cold molding plastic plastic mixing unevenly easy temperature rise 7, 8 FRP products with bubbles, FRP products within easy to vomit black yellow 9, screw easy to corrosion, friction loss, low service life < / p>
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