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Fog lamps manufacturer to introduce you to the car before LED headlamps and light performance analysis

by:DLAA      2020-03-21
< p> currently popular on the market all kinds of car headlights, LED in the ear of cladding, the market a lot of old customers gradually from the modification of the xenon lamp turn to the front of the LED lamps are modified, understanding of the LED lamps may not enough, cause misunderstanding of LED lamps. Actually is much higher than the life of a LED headlights xenon headlamps, a modified process is simple and convenient than the xenon headlamps, and then the performance of the LED lamps, we carry on a simple knowledge popularization. The LED headlight 5. JPG LED lamps stent on the market at present there are many, according to different models and lamp bead characteristics, can be a good matching converted. Scaffold materials is the key effect on the capabilities of the LED lamps, good stent using high purity copper and silver plating processing, aluminum air cooling, the thermoelectric separation technology, not only you see to the naked eye, shell bracket as appearance, performance can vary greatly. Good materials and design, can not use the design of the cooling fan. Fan cooling should be one of the auxiliary function, can not rely solely on a cooling fan, in the long run, the fan heat of formation, clear in time, it is very easy to turn card death, before the good LED headlamps in the design, the cooling fan just as a redundant design, so, if you pull down your fan, LED lamps burn out very quickly, it is not a good product, at least not before a high performance LED lamps. Car LED headlight according before light bead chip, is to determine the core of the LED headlight performance, currently on the market with the best should be the United States CREE kori chips, do the LED headlight chips, stability is very important, MT - in the CREE chip G2 should belong to the top of the chip, chip unless higher customer custom, the modified high market price too much, may be factory is difficult to survive, generally COB chip is more popular in the market, it is can do the lowest price for the customer's first choice, and then there are the ordinary CREE chips, better will adopt joint professional auto power chips. < / p>
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