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Fog lamps manufacturer to introduce you to remove the motor light fog small coup

by:DLAA      2020-06-29
If the car have fog lights, change will affect the lighting effect, that is to say will affect our security, therefore, kreis automotive lighting for everybody to offer a few purify automobile headlights fog small coup. Car headlights on the back cover of a plastic air channel and thermal expansion of the gases generally through this channel, sometimes there will be some moisture into the air breather, mild fog phenomenon occurs. This fog due to temperature change in winter, the rainy season or fog. Now car headlights, in pursuit of better lighting effect, mostly USES the lens type, the more concentrated light line, and headlight lens only small area is heated, moisture mainly gathered in lighting area on the outside of the mirror, so it's easy to be found. Into the fog lamp, car owners don't panic, in general, will not affect the normal use of lights, no change of lights. There would be no fog, this Monday. Washing the car, wading into the fog lights, fog, in addition to the cause of the difference in temperature, more is to owner wading or improper washing the car. Application in cleaning the car inside towel swab, or use compressed air to blow wash engine, but cannot wash with water cannon. If owners often use water cannons flush car headlights or inside the car, could easily lead to water flow into the vent, headlights prone to water mist. In addition, the frequency for deepwater, also easy to make the fog lights, such as road lovers like driving for deep water, or owners have a heavy rain weather, had to let the car wading. Normally, once the depth of the water over the wheels, from vent into the headlights. Especially easy to cause the lamps into the water, the heavy rain day and headlight brightness after the water will also be affected, if many lamps may be damaged by the water. So remind owner, rainy days after driving may wish to check the lights, if found the lamp in the mist, too much frequently appear this kind of circumstance, should be timely to the repair shop repair. Simple operation to remove the mist in the lamp in general, if the owner have the lamp in the fog, shall, first of all, analysis the reasons from the fog, if the result of the effects of temperature or moisture, such as the use of light time is too long, I come home from work immediately after lights out, the second day morning I found the lamp in the fog. The owner as long as open the lights and head lights, 10 - Within 20 minutes after the light of the water mist slowly began to disappear. But owners remember, don't let the light in high temperature baking, because light material is plastic, generally if the baking temperature is exorbitant, softening deformation is likely to do light appearance. In addition, the headlights are generally now integrated, transparent lampshade, also with a protective lamp body back, high temperature baking can cause between the melt adhesive glue, increase the possibility of light into the water. In general, the moisture inside the lamp in the light or the sun will soon evaporate away, if your headlights frequent water phenomenon, should be to the repair shop to check the lamp body. For caused by car washing or wading into the fog, then immediately after washing a car or water to check the lights, look into the phenomenon of the fog, if found in the fog, the light up the lamp, the water evaporation, and don't neglect the mist of light condition for a long time. Normally, if too much light to enter into the fog, and frequently appear this kind of circumstance, means that a light dust cover possible cracking, lead to water into the headlights, formation water mist in the shade. And the lamp brightness after water would also be affected, but also has the potential to circuit plug corrosion, also can make light damage. So the main car get into the habit of check the headlights after driving rain.
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