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Fog lamps manufacturer to introduce you to make the LED car headlights need what kind of application

by:DLAA      2020-03-22
< p> manufacturing LED headlamps light bulbs, its characteristic is the size of 2 mmx1 shape. 6 mm LEDs affixed cloth in a linear arrangement car headlamps lamp on the plate. 2016 - LEDs in the original design is used to flash, belongs to the small size, high current, high reliability and strong light, LED light source. To ensure that under the condition of high power use enough light efficiency, good thermal conductivity, and can control the light Angle within the 120 °, 2016 - LEDs tend to use big size flip flip chip, vertical, or film ceramic substrate packaging technology, the manufacturing cost and use cost are high. At present, 2016 - LEDs are mainly used in the manufacture of high-end LED headlamps light bulb. The characteristics of the CSP - for small size LEDs have also been applied to the LED car headlights. At present, the CSP - LEDs is more, the kinds of craft and technology also differ in thousands ways, face glowing with five major CSP - at the moment LEDs to give priority to. Because of the CSP - Fluorescent rubber on the LEDs is stereo wrapped around the perimeter of the flip chip, viscosity, in solid crystal and reflow soldering process, any mechanical collision, function and thermal expansion coefficient difference will lead to molten tin fluorescent rubber cover fell off the flip chip and failure. LED headlamps flip chip and the perfect combination of aluminum nitride ceramic substrate that CSP - COBs with minimum thermal resistance of thermal conductivity, high current density can be allowed to work. A linear flip chip in CSP - closely arranged COBs formed on the glowing areas have not only won't produce dark space, center brightness is very high, and in the center of the irradiation on the surface of the intensity of illumination is also high. After loading car headlights, because there is no waste of stray light, luminous flux utilization ratio is very high. Generally, with luminous flux is 1200 - CSP - 1500 lm COBs car headlights as the light source at the center of the intensity of illumination can achieve with luminous flux high-power ceramic base of more than 2000 lm LEDs as the center of the car headlights light source intensity of illumination, reduce the quantity of heat of more than 20%. No mold forming the surface of the lens, which makes the light closer halogen lamp and xenon lamp, projection light shape and intensity distribution is more similar. Because there is no mold shape of lens protection, wrapped in flip chip on the surface of the fluorescent rubber lens more vulnerable to damage, some products are also very easy to fall off, the CSP - COBs in solid crystal backflow when the yield is low. Lighting also should pay attention to avoid touching the CSP - COBs light-emitting surface. < / p>
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