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Fog lamps manufacturer to introduce you to how to properly use auto lighting system

by:DLAA      2020-03-31
< p> first let's take a look at the lights of the car system, related to the main road driving are running lights, dipped headlights, high beam, fog lamps, turn signal, such as back light. Let's look at it the correct way of using them one by one. Running lights: or what we commonly known as 'little light', is usually the first block, light switch at this time the car instrument lights all light, front and rear will also light up two small lights, both the brightness of the lamp is not big, mainly in order to let the body can be seen in the four corners. Generally in the dark, rainy days or in dark places, such as underground parking, should light up the lamp. Lamp: low beam used in urban traffic at night. On the one hand, city roads have street lamp lighting, road does not require high beam to look into the distance, just see the front road conditions; On the other hand, the urban road traffic, a word not only high beam, caused to the other party when passing vehicles dazzling, but also to the line of sight of pedestrians along the road. In the heavy rain, snow and other circumstances, not only the visibility is very low, and the vehicle's braking distance will increase a lot, so the best open the dipped headlights, let the other vehicles in the furthest distance can find themselves. High beam: in the light, will light up the car dashboard striking blue lights for tips. In the field or no street lamp lighting is suitable for use high beam on the road, passing each other but remember you should change to low beams, so as not to cause the other driver blinding. If many cars on the road, near the front of the vehicle when the best switch to low beam mode, so that we can minimize disturbance to the vehicle driver. Many drivers on the highway when overtaking like riding on the horn, but due to the rapid speed of the vehicle's engine noise and wind noise is very big, when it is hard to hear the horn limber, especially those truck, so the horn when overtaking, as the lights shifter lever dial up a few times, use high beam pointing in front of the vehicle. Turn signal: turn signal is the most basic purpose in car when turning other vehicles and pedestrians turn signal is given, to remind others attention. Sometimes turn signal can also be used in a narrow place ACTS as the lighting effect, so that the driver observed on both sides of the barrier. When both sides turn signal at the same time open up warning and wide role. When in the absence of the central isolation belt road on the left out in the road, switching or pull over, should play a turn signal in advance, and the headlight switch to low beam lights, because if open head lights turn signal, the other side of the pedestrians and vehicles by the headlight glare, it is difficult to see the lights flashing. Danger alarm flashlight: is the 'double flash', we often say 'ShuangBengDeng', as a signal, is mainly used to alert other vehicles and pedestrians have taken place in the local special cases. So, what conditions using ShuangBengDeng? A failure occurs in the road or traffic accident occurs, the second is broken motor vehicle traction, tractor and tractor shall be open danger alarm flashlight. Some friends met in fog, rain, hail, snow, sand and dust the visibility of poor weather conditions such as ShuangBengDeng like open, but the turn signal loss to prompt function, so in this case it is best to use low beam lights and fog lamps, try not to use ShuangBengDeng, if used, must observe more when change lanes to before and after. In addition, the motor vehicles on the road, can't open the danger alarm flashlight. Fog lamps: it is easy to understand from the name, fog lamps light signal is used in heavy fog weather, fog lamps in the fog of penetration is stronger, so it is easier to let the vehicles or pedestrians notice as early as possible. Some friends driving in foggy weather like open the fog lamps and high beam, think so that we can see farther, actually such effect is not good, because of the high beam irradiation Angle is easy to result in great scattering of light penetration is instead of the worst of it in foggy weather, at this time should be open around fog lamps, use low beam lights, slowed down. Back-up lamp: when reversing the rear of the back there will be a white lit up, on the one hand can light up the rear of the pavement, barriers, reduce the blind spot when reversing, on the other hand is also remind for the rear of the pedestrians. Back light is associated with reverse, don't separate operation, but the lamp in the event of failure, should be timely repair, to avoid dangerous when driving at night. < / p>
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