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Fog lamps manufacturer to introduce you to how to choose the headlight color temperature

by:DLAA      2020-03-22
< p> color temperature is the most common said light source spectrum quality index, color temperature in absolute temperature (K), is to a standard blackbody ( For example, platinum, When heated, the temperature rises to a certain extent color started by red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo ( Blue and purple) , violet, gradual change, the use of this kind of light color changing features, its light source the light of the light color and black color at the same time, we call the temperature of the blackbody at that time the light source color temperature. Because of the different color temperature, the color of the light is not the same, such as color temperature at 4000 k, the light color is white with some yellow; In 6000 k color temperature, color is white, and close to natural light; Color temperature at 10000 k, the color of light is showing light blue, thus it can be seen as the temperature increased, the color of the light is also gradually to cool color, is often said that the luminescence. Different color temperature corresponding to different colors. Different wavelengths causes different to the human eye color feeling, from red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, Blue and purple) , and purple. The sensitivity of the eyes and strong changes along with the change of wavelength. 。 Understand the basic knowledge of color temperature, so we choose light, how to choose the color temperature is appropriate? First look at the color temperature application in car headlights. Color temperature is 2300 k - halogen lamps 7000K( Commonly used 3000 k) Color is yellow; Xenon lamp color temperature is 4200 - 8000K( Commonly used 4300 k) Color is yellow, the color temperature is 3200 k - LED lamps 15000K( Commonly used 6000 k) The color is white. Color temperature is not the unit of measure lamp brightness, that is to say, color temperature and brightness. < / p>
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