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Fog lamps manufacturer to introduce you to add car front fog lamps, can pass the year of careful?

by:DLAA      2020-06-30
Days of haze days let some people sit still car. Recently, there is a net friend asked a BBS posts in our city: I bought a car low configuration, not front fog lamp, want to car equipped with front fog lamps, again afraid not careful. For cars equipped with front fog lamps can through a year of careful? Yesterday, on the issue, the reporter interviewed the city traffic police detachment vehicle detection and supervision, head of the group. Confused: front fog lamps can still hold 20, netizens Posting for help: because not enough money, buy is low with a car, there is no front fog lamps. Heavy fog this morning, I feel no front fog lamps not too safe, had with the idea of front fog lamps, but someone said that the year of careful cannot pass, others say that's all right, here seek what can not careful? After the post, many net friend replies: 'add casually, don't worry. '' even after the fog lamps add together also have no matter son. Most netizens think 'to add the front fog lamp' behavior is feasible, some netizens said 'not clear, it is suggested that ask relevant departments,' a few net friend, don't think this kind of behavior by the year of careful. Misgivings: illegal to add front fog lamps, car owners want to give private cars equipped with front fog lamps line not line? Yesterday, the city traffic police detachment vehicle detection and supervision brigade said a head, secretly install illegal car front fog lamps. The responsible person, from September 1, 2012 implementation of the 'motor vehicle safety technical conditions' new gb. 8. 1. 2 and 8. 1. Article 3 rules: motor vehicle shall not be installed shade external lighting and signal device pervious to light the device. In addition to the turn signals, hazard warning signals, emergency braking, the school bus sign lights, fire engines, ambulances and engineering emergency vehicles and police cars installed to use the lamps and lanterns, other external lamps shall shine. User not external lighting and signal device to be modified, and compulsory standards shall not be mounted to the outside of the external lighting and signal device. 'Vehicle must be tested on a regular basis to the motor vehicle testing station, after inspection qualified can be driven on the road. To install the front fog lamp vehicles cannot be through careful. 'The official said. In addition, the head also remind the general public, in addition to the private cars, buses, trucks and other vehicles whether to add the tail or side light, as long as the vehicle and factory is different, also can pass inspection. Police: add fog lamps before the road was found, will be punished some people take chances that anyway have several years of careful, open with a front fog lamp driving car road there will be no business. Jingu exchange tour group of a traffic police, said: 'to add front fog lamp belongs to arbitrarily change the structure of a motor vehicle registered or characteristics, is a serious traffic violations. On the road, once found, will face fines of up to 500 yuan. '' add fog lamps before the car without permission. In case of traffic accident, if the accident caused by adding device, the insurance company will selective adjustments as appropriate. 'The city officials say an insurance company.
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