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Fog lamps manufacturer to introduce to you what is the clearance lamp

by:DLAA      2020-03-31
< p> clearance light, also called width modulation, commonly known as the small lights. Literally, 'in' is the meaning of warning; 'Profile' has the meaning of outline, to show his profile by light is a warning sign lights, signal lights to warn other vehicles. This lamp is generally installed in the car at the top of the edge, it said to said car height and width. High safety standards stipulated in the above three meters car must be installed clearance lamp. Before clearance lamp is light, convenient to car passing can clearly know your body width and the car position, improve security. Simple said is, clearance light, is not beautiful! But is to provide the vehicle's the recognition, namely that other 'road users are more likely to see the car, let them know there's a car coming. Clearance after the light is red light increases penetrability, can let the car under the condition of the line of sight is not clear benefit from a more easy to find, to avoid the line of sight is not clear couldn't discover the vehicle ahead cause an accident. < / p>
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