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Fog lamps manufacturer to introduce modified fog lamps

by:DLAA      2020-06-24
Auxiliary lamp, our common nothing more than a few brands, hela, IPF, PIAA, domestic rubbish is after two, one is too expensive, a cheap but no use. Larry sea surface, the comet of 500, or 550, in a nutshell, these design elements, the effect in 250 ~ 350 metres away, it is right, rainy night or foggy weather situation in half, all I said is conservative, individuals have different night vision, the headlight upgrade and modified various lamplight, are very different, everyone do a reference! Within these lights price is in commonly 1000, but enough to solve the problem to the line of sight, I don't have to say what, 3000 ~ 4500 k is good, both at night and fog. Here, I said is fog lamps. Many people think fog lamps is the color of yellow light, actually otherwise, we have noticed that you are at the corner, will always find a would you like to see the road ahead, but no lights illuminate to? And you in the darkness of the highway, I'm sure you had that out on both sides of road 'motorcycle'? Waiting for him to appear in your field of vision scope, is usually a prelude to you hard on the brakes. So, this time, you should carefully look at your car fog lamps. The real fog lamps, light range is according to the width of! When you shoot the lamp to solve the problem as far, a pair of fog lamps, is solves the real you as a member of the problems encountered in the wild suv, it's used by professional lighting upgrade program. On a mountain road at night, the countryside village road naughty children, even those hidden in the road side trees up to no good bird people, at this time in your nose, and can make you everything is under control, is it a pair of small type wide fog lamps. Is the scope of its light in front of 50-80 meters, the width should be approximately 60 degrees or more wide. So, those who want to install the lamp's brothers, remember, we want to see in addition to the front, and on both sides, this, please don't forget. Installation is a standard process, of course, if for no other, good installation process and improve the level is an important insurance to keep your car condition, don't you want to be a good carry of the lights went off suddenly in the heavy rain suddenly? Hey hey! Shoot the light and the definition of the fog lamps, I not described here, we are interested in, can see a lot of information, online or search for related lighting upgrade course, attention to see two lights the grain, so it is very clear. Shoot the light beam focus, and the irradiation range small, but very high brightness in the scope. Fog lamps as wide, but it is not very bright, brightness looks wins in reconciling range, that, on the road or mountain road, the more.
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