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Fog lamps manufacturer to introduce car headlights how to adjust the height, how do you use the headlight height adjustment

by:DLAA      2020-06-23
Adjustable height car headlights? The car has a headlight switch to adjust height, but how do you use? Below we look together. Car headlights height adjustment is to adjust the headlight height in order to get the best irradiation distance, to avoid danger. This is a safety lamp configuration, general use by way of electric motor to adjust the height of the headlight, thereby, to get the best avoid driving in danger. Generally speaking, the headlight height adjustment switch adopts single roller, roller marks on the digital gear, the discretion of the Numbers show that headlight high height, the higher the number, headlight high up. Which tests are the most suitable, of course, also want to choose according to actual condition, it can lead to different vehicle load difference. From the law of daily use, we recommend the following block a selection method: 0 is the initial position, generally only the driver is the car or in addition to the driver and a front-seat passengers; Position 1 crew is full, and the trunk without goods; Position 2 crew is full, and the trunk weight evenly distributed; Position 3 is the only driver, weight evenly distributed and the trunk. This method may not apply, part of the vehicle headlamps height adjustment is five gears, so should be to operate according to the practical situation. There are some cars headlamps is automatically adjust the height adjustment, body is equipped with several sensors, it can detect the dynamic balance of the vehicle, and through the predefined program automatically adjust the lighting Angle. If the car didn't headlight switch to adjust height and vehicles using we will meet in the lamplight illuminate is too high, so how to adjust? Let's take a look below. Parked the car in the first 7 metope. 6 meters place, and then open the lights, then we will according to the lighting in the position to adjust the illuminate of lamplight position on the wall. If it's with a switch to adjust headlight models need to manually adjust the height, so should put headlight before adjusting the headlight height adjustment knob is set to '0'. In order to set the line on the wall, we need to measure the car headlights in advance position of the three distance, the distance of A car is dipped headlight center to the central axis distance; Distance the distance B is high beam center to car central axis; C is dipped headlight center to the distance of the ground. Adjust lighting position by adjusting the headlight behind the corresponding position of the adjusting knob. Different models need to adjust for different parts and the tools used, need according to the specific models. Adjust the lamp before hitting the wall, and then observe whether light is offset high or too low. If you think it is very difficult, so simple judgment method is to make a height 180 cm of people standing in front of 7. 6 meters, and then dipped headlight relations hips should not be higher than people. If too high, the budge adjustment knob to adjust.
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