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Fog lamps manufacturer to introduce car headlights are not lit up how to return a responsibility

by:DLAA      2020-06-23
Automobile headlamps light: battery serious loss of electricity; Wire fever, so that the line of resistance increase caused by the line kind of short circuit; Line of light relay or combination switch contact ablation or binding, and so cannot be disconnection or connection; The blown fuse in headlamps lines; Due to use of electric equipment is more, the generator diode and coil burned, cause the generator can not generate electricity. Automobile headlamps light solution specific as follows: 1, first remove the brake lamp bulb, see if the filament burn out. 2, such as filament in good condition, can be in the brake pedal at the same time, use a screwdriver or brake lights line terminal and iron wires to a fire, if the fire without brake lamp is not bright, then is improper take iron; If no fire instructions may be brake lamp switch failure or open circuit in the brake lamp circuit. 3, in order to further find out the problems, can use a screwdriver or wires to two terminal short answer the brake lamp switch, if the brake lights, is the brake lamp switch is defective, shall be repaired.
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