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Fog lamps manufacturer to explain why use additives in the manufacturing process of BMC material

by:DLAA      2020-06-15
Engaged in the industry's friends will know, in the process of using BMC material processed into products, often can add a certain amount of additives. So, do you know why you want to add these additives? Actually, we don't look down upon these additives, they in BMC material plays an important role in the whole production process, the following to get to know the specific content. First, BMC material using additive helps to achieve better stability. As everybody knows, BMC material belongs to a new type of material, because its itself has many excellent characteristics, so today's application scope is becoming more and more widely. In machining process, however, we still need to pay attention to many problems, such as we need to add a certain amount of additives, so that can make it in the process of processing and forming, a certain improvement on performance, especially in the area of stability can be improved significantly. Second, BMC material using additive helps to reduce the aging problems. However, although this type of material has many advantages, but its shortcoming is also cannot be ignored. This is because the BMC material after a certain processing and storage, it is easy to be found in the process of using aging phenomenon, it will affect its use value, so in order to reduce this kind of phenomenon, we also need to add some age resister. Third, BMC material using additive helps them get better mechanical properties. To add a certain amount of additives, there is another important factor is to ensure that our products has good mechanical properties. Usually, BMC material after processing and molding can have good hardness and strength, but toughness is not enough, so you need to add a certain amount of additive has increase its toughness. Fourth, BMC material use additives can help improve its processability. BMC material itself, it is very important to have many advantages, but its processing performance is good is also a very important aspect. In order to improve its processability, we need to add some material to achieve a goal.
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