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Fog lamps manufacturer manufacturer to explain what is FRP pultrusion process

by:DLAA      2020-06-22
Pultrusion process is a manufacturer of fiber reinforced composite materials products a very effective way. It allows the pultrusion production factory production of fiber reinforced plastics ( FRP) Molding shape continuous length. The 'pull' process allows continuous strand of glass fiber, glass fiber mat and glass gauze bureau, made the optimization of product structure characteristics. Pultrusion profiles have chemical corrosion and weather resistance and other excellent long-term. Pultrusion shape will not rust, rot, scale or mildew. The term 'pultrusion', is actually will 'pull' and 'crowd out' combination. It is meaningful, when we realized that the pultrusion process involving a machine to pull through the liquid resin glass fiber, and then pull the glass and the combination of the resin mold by heat. Extrusion is by push the process to create a fixed cross section contour of the object. Fiber reinforced polymer or plastic is tailor-made for the customer by the pultrusion process specification is a versatile material. Because of glass fiber reinforced plastic composite resin, a mixture of fiber reinforced materials and additives, the dosage and can adjust the 'ingredients', in order to make the best product for the specific project.
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