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Fog lamps manufacturer introduces the advantages of LED auto light for you

by:DLAA      2020-03-23
< p> a, energy saving, is by the electric energy into light energy directly by the light emitting diode, than a regular car bulbs consumes only equivalent to 1/10 of the traditional lamp, can save fuel consumption, better protect car circuit from the high load current burn out. 2, environmental protection, no ultraviolet and infrared spectrum, no heat, no radiation, glare small, and waste recycling, no pollution contains no mercury elements, can safely touch, belongs to typical green lighting led light source. Three, long service life: no loose parts in the body, there is no filament light easy to burn and thermal deposition, droop, such as faults, at the right, under the current and voltage of up to 8 - service life 100000 hours, long service life 10 times more than traditional light. ( Have a replacement, long-life characteristics) Fourth, high brightness, high temperature resistance. ( Electrical energy directly into light energy, heat is small, completely usable hand touch, safe) Five, the small size. Meter can transform mode of lamps and lanterns, the automobile modeling diversification. Auto makers favor of LED, completely is the advantages of the LED itself. Six, stable performance, strong seismic performance of the led: resin encapsulation, not easy fracture, easy storage and transportation. Seven glow, high purity, bright color is clear, no chimney filters, optical error within 10 nanometers. Eight, reaction speed, no need to heat the startup time, within milliseconds, traditional light bulb glass shell is 0. 3 seconds delay, can prevent the collision, ensure driving safety. 2, the shortcomings of LED auto light one: LED light lamp cost than ordinary high. ( At present along with the expansion of LED application will further reduce the price) 2: car headlights universality difficult, heat dissipation is bad, bad heat treatment easy droop, affect the service life of the lamp. 3: now there is no industry standard, product quality is uneven, the same product in different price 1 - LED production 2 times the phenomenon. 3, 1, LED car light barriers to large-scale application compared with incandescent light bulbs, LED application of high cost, according to different using LED quantity, quality, the price is generally similar incandescent bulbs products vary from several times to ten times. Despite the high power LED, but its cost and its power is proportional to the size, global automotive LED production cost rate of descent will be one of the main factors that influence the vehicle LED large-scale applications. 2, due to the terminal consumer demand for light appearance more and more high, and with a LED lamp application number more and more, LED the probability of problems is more and more big, so the reliability of the performance of LED products demand is higher and higher. At the same time, the whole car dealer is more and more strict to the requirement of the LED supplier. 3, as automotive LED the size of the market more and more big, new suppliers will be more and more, competition, and the product quality is uneven, suppliers will inevitably affect the market reputation, which affects the final consumer demand. As long as incandescent light bulbs, LED cost with the same level, other than the economy cars car will be applied on a large scale LED. < / p>
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