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Fog lamps manufacturer introduce fog lamps maintenance methods for you

by:DLAA      2020-06-24
When there is no fog driving in the city at night, do not use fog lamps, front fog lamps without the hood, can make the car lights, affect driving safety. Some drivers not only use the front fog lamp, even after the fog lamps are open together. Because the fog light bulb after power bigger, to the back of the car driver form the dazzling light, easy to cause eye fatigue, affect driving safety. Whether fog lamps before or after the fog lamps, as long as it is not lit, that means that the light bulb has burned, must be replaced. But if not broken, just reduce brightness, dim the light is red, also absolutely cannot treat STH lightly, because it could be an early sign of failure, and reduce the performance of the lighting is also great hidden trouble of safety. Brightness reduce several reasons, the most common is the astigmatism there is dirt on glass or mirror product of lamps and lanterns, then need to do is clear the dirt with flannelette or lens paper clean can. Another reason is loss of battery charging, lead to power shortages in brightness is not enough, so you need to replace a new battery. There is also a wire aging or may be the line carefully, resistance increase caused by power supply, this kind of situation not only affects the work of the light bulb, serious even lead to overheat and cause a fire. Replace the fog lamps 1 unscrew the screws and remove the light bulb. Unscrew the four screws removed 2 cover shell. Take off your cap spring 3. 4 for halogen bulbs. 5 mount holder spring. 6 install four screws and cover. 7 to tighten the screws. 8 adjusting screw to light. 1 only when position modulation (circuit installation Small lights) After open, fog lamps to open. 2 after the fog lamps shall be independent closed. 3 after the fog lamps can work continuously until the position close lamp. 4 before and after the fog lamps can share front fog lamp switch in parallel, should increase the fog light the fuse capacity at this time, but the added value of not more than 5 a. 5 no car front fog lamp, fog lamps should be parallel in position on the lamp, after another set up after the fog lamp switch, switch should be a series of 3 to 5 a fuse tube. Fog lamps switched on after 6 suggested configuration instructions. 8 mm car special low-tension wire, wire length should be set for 4 to 5 mm in diameter PVC pipe, Plastic hose) For protection. Enterprises need is both fast and stable growth, the key lies in the enterprise. If researchers can stable, of course, can skilled work, gradually accumulate experience that practice makes perfect. However, this 'ego grope for a' way too far away, now is the scientific management era, cultured is quick technique. Before has not yet invented electric rice cooker and a gas stove, cooking lai use wood burning stove, burn very mann, parents teach us to supply air with a fan, cause burning up faster, do meal also is faster. Carton quality management is also the same. How to make the business enterprise inside every member, for can work more efficient and higher quality to finish? 9 a good education and training plan is indispensable. Modern enterprise management is all about multivariate specialization, each work all have the professional knowledge and theoretical basis. How will evolve and knowledge as the theoretical basis for practical skills, you will need to have a theoretical basis and professional experience, the song dynasty to fill the enterprises as soon as possible due to insufficient members working experience and concept differences caused by the difficulty of communication and coordination. Often heard within the enterprise each layer is in charge of complaint: we are so busy every day, which have time to do education and training. Is in fact so misconception, because only easy to cause the bottleneck of enterprise growth, cause we are so busy every day.
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